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Originally Posted by pasky2112 View Post
I actually have a keg of PP and it's one of my fave's in .40's. I also like AA#5. So when I purchased BD for 10mm, I threw in some other powders I wanted to try while I was paying hazmat. So I got a pound of AA#7, Win231 (for .40 also) and CCI #300's. As much as I liked AA#5 for the .40, the data for AA#7 looked like it'd be a good choice for both .40 and 10mm. Prior to the KB, I loaded and shot almost the whole pound of AA#7 and had no chrono walls, unusually bulged brass for a glock stk bbl...any more than you'd see in factory loads. The only thing notable was that I read from multiple resources was that they saw flattened primers with only warm loads using AA#7. I saw the same thing in my starting mid-range loads. So, Against my better judgement, I noted them but didn't see anything else at the time I thought was a 'red flag' to stop. So, FWIW.... I agree w/ you 100% about PP. And i will use it for 10mm and, of course, .40's.
As I stated earlier I am concerned with accuracy not velocity. Your paper target is never going to notice the difference. I know that a lot of guys think that a 10mm is close to an atomic bomb. But they are not. Unless you are trying to make your own BEAR load there is no reason to keep pushing it. The lower the pressure the more "mistakes" you can make without blowing your gun up. However if you want to push your loads a bit you are much better off using longshot than #7.

Secondly looking at your pictures I would hazard a guess that part of your problem was you were over crimping.
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