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Originally Posted by Schlitz View Post
Like Florida, I don't think Texas has a law that references printing.

It seems printing would be okay in texas - so long as you're not wearing spandex that shows the complete outline of a gun.
Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Printing is NOT "okay in Texas."
Originally Posted by Schlitz View Post
Perhaps if you're wearing spandex around the gun. But printing under a t shirt seems to fit the definition of concealed handgun per the Texas statutes. Is there any case law on this to set a different precedence?

The grip of your gun poking out of your shirt can look exactly like some of these giant smart phones people are carrying around today in a cell phone holster/case/clip/whatever they call them.
How much research did you do before posting, "It seems printing would be okay in Texas," a little, none?

Printing, carrying a firearm in such a way that it is clearly identifiable to the casual observer, means the firearm is not "concealed". It may be covered, but it is not concealed. That, not carrying concealed, will get you into trouble in Texas.

Carrying in a way that the ordinary observation of a reasonable person would lead them to think, "Wow, he carries a big cellphone," is not "printing".
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