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Looking to get into ham

I blame it all on google. It started out I was looking or a weather radio receiver. Something to use in case of storms, stuff in my BOB supplies. That sort of thing. So I googled weather radio. Weather radio results led me to cb radios with NOAA receiving. I got thinking some emergency comms might be a good idea too. So then I googled cb radios with NOAA receivers. That returned some HAM radios. So then I got to looking at the prices and 2m radios aren't that much more than a cb with better capabilities. So now I've ordered the arrl reference book for tech license testing. I figure I'll study for a bit and then find a test. Probably also study for general at the same time.

So any other Hams on GT? Doesn't seem like a whole lot of movement in the forum here.
I'm game though....

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