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Either brand with 115grain +P+ velocity 1400fps 501 Energy Pounds.

Originally Posted by G35DriverG19Carrier View Post
Hello, this is my first post in this area of the forum and only my 3rd overall (even the intro forum). I am currently Carrying 147g Bonded Golden Saber +P in my G19. Also this ammo was bought for me by a friend who said that that is what a lot of our local LEOs carry off duty if they choose a 9mm (ours carry G22s).

I have read that most of you guys really don't like the 147g stuff and I had 2 main questions to this.

1. Why do you not like the 147g?
2. What is a decent ammo to carry. I do personally believe faster and heavier = more damage. But I am totally open to opinions and any facts that I have overlooked.

Thanks everyone all input is welcome.
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