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Ok. So i went to the range today with my G21 G4, 100rds of American Eagle ammo (same as last time), 20rds Hornady critical defense 185gr, and my new parts (new RSA, white sound defense extractor plunger spring(20% heavier), and polished/filed #2 extractor).

I started with my polished #2 extractor. It was arkansas stoned top and bottom and the shoulder was filed/reduced slightly. All ejection went nicely to the right 3-5 oclock. Some ejection seemed weak, but at least all went to the right.

Next I changed in the new RSA. No improvement, actually the ejection seemed weaker with the new RSA vs my used 500rd RSA. Changed back to original RSA.

Next I installed the new white sound defense extractor plunger spring, which is supposed to have 20% more strength/force. Immediately got hit with brass to the face. About 10 of the 13rds in the mag came straight back at me. Needless to say I removed the WSD spring and went back to the original.

So, now my G21 is all stock except for the #2 extractor that has been polished/filed and I am quite satisfied with it.

Just a side thought about that heavier plunger spring. I couldn't believe the difference in ejection when I changed it. I wonder if the stock extractor plunger springs are a little to heavy and the root cause of all these ejection problems? Would like to get another stock spring and cut some coils off and test.

And another observation I made today. The gun actually seemed to eject better the more I loosened my grip??!!??

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