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Originally Posted by cookselk View Post
Key words "older guys" and "ole hands". I have been using the Glock tool and am about to get the UpLULA. My thumb joints really start hurting if I don't use a tool. When loading up for a USPSA match filling my 38 super mags without a tool I frequently have to pause to let the pain subside.

My Dr. is funny. One time he was examining my thumbs and remarked "you are doooomed" I will operate on you before you retire. I just told him to give me another cortisone shot.
UpLula for pistol mags and .223s are sooooo easy to use and fast. My first were ~18.00 and now up to ~26.00. Well worth the price. I have three, one for the reloading bench, one in the "office" and one in the truck for anyone to try out. With care, you can reload most single stack mags with these.
Glocks-MANY, 1911's - a couple,
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