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Originally Posted by Bluescot View Post
A couple of days ago I finally got back my LWD barrel for my G30 standard length. So off to try those two barrels out for the G30 and the G27. It only took about 104 days for both barrels to be corrected. Great customer service.

I had bought barrels from KKM to replace the LWD barrels when they would not feed my reloads so I took them along and also a Paraordinance P-14-45, a Sig 226 .40, and a Sig 2340 .40 to try out three different bullet shapes in both the 45 and 40 calibers.

LWD G27 barrel - - functioned fine in all three different rounds of 40 ammo as did the two Sigs. No FTF or FTE and everything was working Ok. The accuracy of the LWD G27 barrel was a whisper behind the KKM barrel and about even with the two Sigs.

LWD G30 barrel - - had about a 30% FTF and FTE with the three different bullet designs for the 45ACP. All the 45Auto bullet designs functioned flawlessly in the P14-45!!! Still puzzled about that one but one of the bullet designs was that H&G 205g round that is notorious for causing feeding problems. The P-14-45 out shot the LWD and the KKM guns but that P-14-45 has been modified extensively and is superaccurate. The KKM 45 barrel feed and extracted all the different bullet designs and the accuracy of the KKM was just about the same as the LWD.

I am happy about having a G27 barrel that will function with any lead reload I throw at it and those lead reloads also work in 2 other .40 caliber shooters I have. Well pleased with the work done on it.

The G30 barrel is still a miss and will be the paperweight for sure. I'm not aware of any additional steps that I can take to make it work when the same rounds function in my other 45ACP shooters as well as two of my buddies 45ACP's.

The guys in the shop seemed to be apologetic for the delay and did perform on the 40 barrel, they also sent along a shirt and hat as a compensation.

The management of the company seems to take other positions. While I appreciated the offer and the effort, the results of lengthy delay were only about 50% so I won't be a LWD customer in the future. Thanks but not thanks.
I'm glad the 40's worked out for you. As for the 45, I don't know what all bullet(s) you used, but if they are anything like the HG 68, the shoulder is simply too abrupt for reliable functioning in a Glock with any barrel. People say they run "SWC" in their Glocks, but when you look at the bullet they are using, it will have a subtle and rounded shoulder that IMO is really a truncated cone. The extracting case hangs up on the shoulder of the live round under it in the magazine and I don't see how any barrel could change that.
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