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I bought my first Ruger .22 LR Semi Auto Handgun back about 1978 or so. No I do not have that one any longer but have had several since that time. Currently I have a Ruger MKII 5 1/2" Stainless Bull Barrel that belonged to my late brother. This particular Ruger has a super tight chamber and I actually had a Gunsmith Polish the Chamber to make it a bit more reliable. Accuracy with this particular Ruger MKII has always been outstanding, more accurate than any of the Smith & Wesson Model 41's I have had.

My MKII has a Clark Custom Guns Steel Ruger Trigger. These triggers are slightly oversized and require fitting to each individual frame. I had to reduce the side to side thickness just slightly on my to get it to fit in my frame but now there is no side to side wiggle that is common to the factory aluminum trigger.

I have also added a Volquartsen Custom Target Sear which provided for a crisp 2 1/2 pound trigger pull. I also added an On Target Guns Blast Shield that slips between the upper receiver and frame and protects the trigger components from getting a carbon buildup from firing. Unfortunately these are no longer available, but I have used mine as a pattern to make my own out of aluminum beverage can material. I have also had the headspace set on the bolt on this MKII which also helped round out my groups a bit.

Lastly I had the receiver drilled & tapped to accept the Ruger MKIII Scope Base (I'm actually using a Weigand Scope Base) and have a Bushnell Trophy Red / Green Multi Reticle Sight on it.

I have also outfitted this MKII with the now discontinued Clark Custom Guns Ruger Grips. These feature filler panels at the top of the backstrap and bottom of the frontstrap to straighten out the grip angle and make it more like a 1911 grip angle. I have modified these grips slightly in that I removed the flare from the bottom on the front strap making it more straight up and down and now the bottom circumfrence measures the same as a 1911.

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