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Originally Posted by skyboss_4evr View Post
Agreed! I get older guys at the range asking about my UpLULA all the time when they see how quickly it allows me to load mags.
Originally Posted by Glock_Convert View Post
+1 on the uplula. Especially for the 15 round Glock mags: those springs are strong and hurt my ole hands.

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Key words "older guys" and "ole hands". I have been using the Glock tool and am about to get the UpLULA. My thumb joints really start hurting if I don't use a tool. When loading up for a USPSA match filling my 38 super mags without a tool I frequently have to pause to let the pain subside.

My Dr. is funny. One time he was examining my thumbs and remarked "you are doooomed" I will operate on you before you retire. I just told him to give me another cortisone shot.
So many little money.
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