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I have one of these jewels, and bought it new at a gun show for $300 back 4/18/98. I have the factory supplied rings and have a 1" Simmons 3MOA red dot scope on it which works great. FWIW, it does best with 40 gr ammo, and I ofter shoot it with CCI Blazer ammo. When wanting to shoot tiny groups, use 40Gr Federal Match Target ammo. I am able to shoot 3/8" to 5/8" groups off a sandbag rest consistently at 50 yards. It is as accurate as a tricked out Ruger 10/22 I have. I have squirrel hunted with it, and have shot the snot out of it. I clean it about every 3,000 rounds or so, only after having taken it down. I do swab out the chamber after shooting it, but more 22's are fouled up by injudicious cleaning than by shooting. Another great Ruger 22 is the Single Six. I have a used one in blued 6 1/2" barrel with a 22 cylinder and a 22WMR. It is really accurate also. Both these guns are so good, I don't have any other 22 handguns. Happy Shooting !

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