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For me it all depends on the pistol. In my pocket 9mm I carry a standard pressure 115-grain JHP that provides outstanding accuracy. In my sub-compact 9mm I'm currently carrying 124-grain HST +P, with about a half-dozen other premium JHP rounds in standard and +P/+P+ configuration that I'd have complete confidence in.

If you're going for the heavy 147-grain ammo then the standard pressure stuff is as good as the +P, from what I can tell, although I've never shot any heavy-for-caliber rounds myself in that caliber. If you instead like the +P, well the cost for both is the same so pick the one you like best. If I was going to CCW the heavy rounds I'd probably end up with HST, Gold Dot, and Golden Saber Bonded, picking whichever one suited my fancy on any given day.
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