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Originally Posted by G35DriverG19Carrier View Post
Thank you all for the replies. It seems like there is a multitude of different answers and I have shot about 50 rounds of the GS through my Glock without a malfunction however every round I've ever shot hasn't had an issue (besides Win White Box with bad brass to start with). I'm actually leaning more towars a 124 +p+ after the replies.

Is there a good place to review ballistic tests with each type of ammo?

I do follow tnoutdoors9 on youtube but I didn't know if there was a chart or something somewhere.
Go to which is the Federal/Speer LE Site Under the ballistic testing section, take a look at the videos and test data. The debate between fast/light vs slow/heavy will never end. Do your own research and choose what you are confident with and what functions well in your pistol. Bottom line is any bullet or caliber will work very well at times and fail badly at times. It is the nature of handguns. My choice in 9mm is the standard pressure 147gr Federal HST. Bill
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