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Originally Posted by JW1178 View Post
I think the Ranger 127+P+, as well as the Federal HST 124+P and can't go wrong with the 115+P+ Federal 9BPLE. I think if you like the 147+P the HST is a better choice. I guess the GS isn't bad either. Haven't heard anything bad about it.
The only load I have experience in shooting is the Ranger T-series 127 +P+. It is a very poor performing round out of 1st a gen3 and now a gen4 17. I don't know what is a better round in 9mm but the t-series is a very poor performer when it comes to killing things. It is accurate though. The only reason I use it is because it is the department issued load and I have no choice. I've actually considered buying my own duty weapon in a different caliber just so I could stop having to use this round even though I get it for free.
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