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147's are garbage, why? They are taking away what the 9mm needs to be effective, velocity,period. If you have a big bore like a 45 you can run a heavy, momentum based bullet because you'll have the weight and diameter of the bullet. The 9mm 147 has neither and doesn't have the velocity needed to be effective. I've seen 147's fail miserably time and again, on things they shouldn't have failed on. Door frames, side window glass in a car, sheetmetal in same car, they bounced right off. The list goes on and on, carry what you like and believe what you like, there are lot's of "experts" online who will tell you the 147 is THE bullet/load for the 9mm. For my hind end it's a medium weight 124/127 at +p or +p+ velocities, current carry in Ranger T 127. Just got my Underwood order in and I will be testing their 124 +p+ out in my carry nines, if all is well that will be my new carry load.
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