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Shameless charity fundraising plug.

Fellow GT'ers,

This is where I could share the challenging year I had and try to pour my heart out and make you cry. But I'm not that eloquent.

My wife was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease, an auto-immune inflammatory disease of the GI tract. She's been in the Hospital 3 times since she was diagnosed last year and how she feels on any given day is hit or miss.

Crohn's can manifest itself as severe abdominal cramping/pain, bowel irregularity, arthritis-like pains in every joint, malnutrition and severe weight loss.

She's been feeling a little better recently and we signed up to compete in the CCFA Team Challenge. If we meet our fundraising goals, we'll fly to Las Vegas and run in the Rock'n'Roll half Marathon on December 2nd.

My side of the equation:
'm fat. 6'5" and 360lbs.

Yup, due to my Veteran's disability (back and knee complications, non-combat injuries), I've been lazy. I've used the pain as an excuse not to workout. It's not only a poor excuse, it's a vicious circle: the less I workout the heavier I get, the more pain I develop, the less I workout.

It doesn't help that my wife has dietary restrictions that make it really easy for me to eat lots of carbs... Lots.

This is my pledge. If GT'ers visit and take a few minutes to learn about this disease that affects so many people, I'll start working out again. Not that it helps you, but just maybe I can be an inspiration to a few of my fellow fatties on here.

If GT'ers help us meet our fundraising goal, I'll dedicate myself to working out and getting back into "fighting shape". Or at least try and lose about 30lbs before the marathon and definitely post my status weekly.

We are starting off as couch potatoes today, but in 15 weeks we want to finish our first half marathon in less than 4 hours and you can help.

I've read that publicly declaring your goals helps you reach them (peer pressure and embarrassment). Help us raise money for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, and help me get off my butt.

If one person donates the full amount, I'll even vote for Romney and goto church on Christmas and pray for your wellness and family.... I promise to be solemn and sincere, not to giggle or burst into flames. (In case you don't know, I'm a moderate and agnostic, so that promise is HUGE for me).

Please "give a crap" and consider making a donation, every penny helps.

Ryan - aka PettyOfficer
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