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I've tried: CTAC, MTAC, Kramer #2 and #3 @4:00 carry.

and in AIWB: Highnoon's Mr Softy, Uppercut, Hideaway with straps and with clip, Dale Fricke's Archangel & Joab, and a few other small company kydex holsters.

I've since settled on the Sparks SSII for G19 carry and relegated AWIB to subcompact only, in my case- a 5 shot snub.

I liked the sweatguard on the Kramer more as it was minimalist, and the cant on the #3, but over all I felt the SS2 was a thinner package, and I also prefer the snaps and replaceable belt loops. Though I hear the Kramer loops dont ever stretch...

As always, would appreciate any #3 pics on the belt!
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