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Originally Posted by Dennisr1977 View Post
Look at I can get 1000 rounds of 9mm for about $216 shipped. Show me where I can get ammo that cheap in a store. Even when it's on sale at cabelas it's more than that, plus tax and gas to go get it.
Yep, I just did the same thing. In fact, I got mine for $199.00 plus shipping from, Aguila 124gr. 9mm. Shipping was $16.00?

Not only can they beat Wally on target ammo if you bulk buy, they positively slay them on the defensive ammo because SG and others many times sell in the 50 round boxes. There's NO COMPARISON. Hells Bells, just go there and look for yourself! Wally's selling this 20 round boutique box Hydra Shock in 9mm., .40, and .45 last time I checked and not a one of them was under $20.00- Right now SG is selling 180gr. .40 Hydra Shock in the 50 round boxes for $18.99!!!!! They're out of the 124gr. but that's marked at $25.00 or so. There's no comparison. None.
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