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G20SF break-in period till functional...?

Hi yall,
So I bought my G20sf this past november and I was having some trouble with it when it came to the full power loads (i.e. Underwood, DT, Buffalo etc) I would get FTF and sometimes the gun would not even begin to cycle or leave battery after firing it. But after today I fired 150 Underwood 180gr. and 165gr. and 50 Right to Bear 180gr. and it ran 100% flawless with no problems at all using the same magazines and parts that I had been using before. So... I guessss it might just be my G20sf? I have a 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 36, and 32 and none of them have ever needed breaking-in. All-in-all though my "auto-cannon" is good to go after having to doubt it for so long.
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