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Originally Posted by youngdocglock View Post
YES! well my girlfriend. Not wife yet.

She for some reason....which i cannot understand. Believes i am the all knowing all seeing all hearing answer grape. Thus no matter how far fetched the question, how difficult the answer, or how weird the subject. She expects me to know the answer and explain it in vivid detail for upwards of an hour.

Today we had a 2 hour conversation on the Gaelic Language that lead nowhere :-p
To a woman the substance of the conversation isn't the important part, it's the conversation itself.

You could be talking total gibberish and she would like it because you are engaging with her in a manner she enjoys.

Let me clarify I'm not knocking women in general, or your girl friend, for this trait. I simply think it's a very womanly trait to want to talk...sometimes a lot
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