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That would be the garage... Which she still enters to do things other then drive her car in and out despite my pleading. The storage closet and laundry room are also in there, which we both frequent (and I have no issue with the laundry room access either) but the storage closet... It's all my stuff but she insisted it was unkept and had to cleaned and organised. The garage is my "get away from the wife" area which she doesn't seem to grasp the concept of... Containing my work bench, my recliner, a small plasma screen tv, a radio, and even my hammock strung up between two beams, and a small closet I made for myself to keep my work clothes and gear in.

I didn't ask for much for a my space area and it does not bother me if she enters to drive in or out, or go into the laundry room. But it does when she bothers my stuff in there. Excluding the grips and weapon light (I left them I. The bedroom cause its my bedside gun, oddly enough the firearms in various parts of the house have NEVER vanished) this is where all my stuff vanishes from.
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