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Online vs. Store Bought

I'm sure this topic has been pounded over and over on this forum (haven't found it). So please forgive me for bringing this up probably once again. I want to get some input from other shooters who have bought ammo online vs. buying them from a store (Wally-World).

I personally haven't found a reason to buy ammo online as of yet. The ammo that I have come across online has been the same price, or even more expensive compared to Wally-World or other stores. Shipping of course makes the price go up as well.

I guess I could see two advantages in buying ammo online. First is bulk buying. You get a less price/round then you would if you bought a box of 50 rounds. Of course that is if you want to shell out more than $300 (for a box of 1000) for some ammunition. The second is a large selection of ammo. My local Wally-World only sells four different brands of .40sw but I can still get ammo as cheap as $14.

Are there any other advantages from buying online?

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