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Originally Posted by Arquebus12 View Post
$100 says it snaps if you apply a lateral load to it... It wouldn't be a five dollar knife if it was better than one costing 5X as much.

I'm pleased that you're pleased with it, but you didn't strike gold here... You got a cheap knife that holds an edge, which is done by heat treatment of middling steel at the cost of toughness. Chuck the tip of it in a vice, and try to bend it 1/2" off true, and I'm betting it'll break. Not only that, the handle and scales will come loose, the hinge pin will bend, and the spring will also get knocked outta whack, if it doesn't break too. There's a reason why these very expensive knives cost so much, and some of them are what I just listed above. Any knife can get ruined through abuse, but the best ones will hold up to a hell of a lot before they fail, and thats what matters.

I'm not picking on you, it's just something I'm passionate about. You will always get what you pay for, and rarely anything more.
Quoted for truth. Even if the $5 knife is better than one costing 5X as much, $25 doesn't buy much knife.
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