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Originally Posted by C-Dog View Post
What makes the Norinco's better than any other high end AK?
If two AK's are put side by side, shoot through 1000rnds, both without any failures, and both being just as accurate.... and can do so over many many years of use...
What makes the Norinco better?
Besides milled/stamped receivers... which is very debatable.
I ask this because pretty much everyone with a Norinco looks down on most other ak's... kind like H&K owners...
I know their reliable and good quality, but what do they hold over others that really makes them worth their steep price?
It's the quality of the parts!

Chinese copies are some of the BEST guns in the world! In some cases they are better than the original from which they were copied!

The only thing better is a true Russian assault rifle (select fire).

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