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Hungarian AMD-65 is a BEAST!!! What's your favorite AK-47/variant?

I (finally) got my Hungarian FEG AMD-65 about a week ago... And I must say, it's a BEAST! Seriously, it's light weight, impressively accurate, high quality, looks great, short & is low cost... What more could you ask for!?
I honestly feel it is the ultimate AK-47 variant.
I will be giving it a sleek tactical makeover soon, but wanted to show it off stock first.
I also wanted to put together an AMD-65 shooting video unlike any of the others on youtube. It's pretty dang cool, with first person shooting angles and others! So here it is! Check it out:

If you own an AK-47 or Variant, & think it's the best, tell me why!
But let's make sure to keep it a good conversation, not an argument Thanks!
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