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Originally Posted by Debunk Brady View Post
Every time I have a discussion with an anti, I go browsing the internet for statistics that I vaguely remember. Usually when I find them they have no sources, which detracts from credibility.

Accordingly, I compiled a list of statistics WITH SOURCES and tried to put it into a reader-friendly format. If you ever have a discussion with an anti, this list might help you.
Latest one had her boyfriend's friend or something shot and killed by a friend, something crazy like that. Not sure if she saw it or not. Guns throw her into flight or fight mode. Been hanging around her more and more, finally got to the point where Sunday, she had to plug her phone in. She reached down over me next to her bed where I had put my gun on the ground next to my phone in the charger, and hooked hers up. No real reaction to the gun. I'd call that progress.

Its not about facts with anti-gunners, because their reasoning is not based in logic. Its about showing them that responsible, calm, NORMAL people own and carry guns. That doesn't mean you go on some dumbass open carry crusade or try to sit them down and make them uncomfortable with a bunch of talk about guns. No, all that does is drive them farther away from guns. It means you show them that people, very nice and friendly people, legally carry and don't pose a danger to them. Eventually they just get used to it.

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