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@copo9560: Oh definitely. I bought the PMC just to get the feel of the G20, overall and 'make some brass' until my back ordered brass comes in. Then handloads/reloads only for range time. The PMC brass has been good to me in .40 reloads. We'll see how they do in 10mm.

In fact I just got my 22# SS RSA today. Changed out my primer system to LP in the ol' Dillon...gonna crank 'em out then send 'em down! If the range isn't too busy, I'll throw up my chrono and see if there's a diff between the stock RSA and the 22# in ES, SD etc. Anyway, that's OT from the thread. But I want to see how my stk bbl (or should I say 'brass') holds up to 'real' 10mm loads with the new spring.

FWIW, Starline is shipping their new batches today 8/15.

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