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Some of my worst conversations have been with fellow gun owners, namely hunters. They ask "why do you need high cap mags"? "Why do you need an assault rifle"? Those are meant for one thing only, killing. They get real quiet when I ask them "why do you need a pump shotgun"? Why do you need a gun period? The Indians hunted with bow an arrow. Cavemen hunted with spears and rocks. I'm not knocking hunters as I am an avid hunter. I just choose to have a variety of different types of firearms besides your stereotypical hunting arms. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.
Same here. I love hunting, but I am sick and tired of the "hunter mentality" when it comes to gun ownership. I refer to these people as "Gun Owner Light." They fail to see the big picture.

A good way I've found to shut up antis is to just tell them "Come get em" They have no rebuttal for that haha
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