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Posted by shooter1234; "All the weight, bulk, sharp edges, lack of magazine capacity, and levers and switches sticking out all over the place is tolerable to some people, for 400-700 dollars. I understand that. "

All the weight; Glock 19 (stock) w/16 rounds of 124gn - 30.8 oz.
Kimber Custom II w/8 rounds of 230gn - 44.7 oz.

All that bulk; Glock 19 WIDTH 30 mm / 1.18 in
1911 WIDTH 1.312 in

Sharp edges; NONE in a properly dehorned 1911

Levers and switches sticking out; 1911 slide release and thumb safety
Glock slide release and takedown lever

Wow! What a massive difference!

I carried a Glock 19 undercover for 10 years.

I have carried a 1911 for the last 11 since retiring.

I will take the 1911 ANY DAY OF THE WEEK OVER THE GLOCK.

It is much easier to conceal and much more comfortable to carry.

And just to tweak you it's a Wilson Combat CQB Elite.
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