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I have had my oldest SP101 since 1997 or 1998; it was worked-over by Jack Weigand, when he still did custom 'smithing, with his Tame the Beast package. I got myself a second Tame the Beast SP101 about 2002 or 2003. Mine are not ported. Gemini Customs does the Tame the Beast packages today.

I later started looking for a 3" SP101, patiently, by handling as many as I could, to find one with a really smooth trigger. (Yes, with patience, one can find amazingly smooth Rugers.) I happened to handle a 2.25" with a hammer spur, that had the smoothness I wanted, so I acquired it, as I wanted to experiment with single-action shooting a bit, anyway. (My existing SP101s were spurless.)

A few years ago, I finally found my fairly smooth 3" SP101, and bought it. I had been holding onto a factory spurless hammer for a number of years, that I had acquired through evil-bay, and it dropped right in, resulting in an even sweeter trigger pull.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up a 4" SP101, in .32 H&R. Ruger had stopped making them, and I figured I might want one eventually, so I bought it and stuck it in the safe. Someday, I might need that lighter recoil.

I reckon I like the SP101; just a little, anyway!
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