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Originally Posted by Unistat View Post
Hear that! I don't know if I'd stop bringing the M6 though. I might have to do away with some other gear to fit the lever gun in the weight limit. I can't wait till the kids are old enough to pack with gear like a sherpa, lol.
yeah ive wanted one for years maybe THAT will be my next buy cant beat something that can take .38 special or .357 in a snubby,regular length revolver and a lever action long gun..and for the most part with me being in PA and nothing bigger than small to medium size black bears(yes now and then they WILL get a 600+ pounder around but thats RARE) .357 out of a lever action and even a 4" revolver is good. But till I get that the 870 pretty much out to 100 yds with a rifled slug barrel is a jack of all trades from pests(with low brass shot) to eating/food(with regular hunting rounds) to self defense with buckshot out to 40 yds or so, and then slugs out to 100 yds .
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