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Originally Posted by Blast View Post
Calling it as it is. Unfortunatley the liberal left is far too simple minded to see reality.
I used to be strongly agonstic, and even then I considered gay to be deviant. Though I've reconsidered the possible existance of God, I'm not very religious at all. The Bible simply reinforces what I've already considered to be unnatural and deviant.
I know lots of atheists who also think gay is disgusting. Are you going to tell them to go sit in a corner and clutch a Bible?
The left and it's agenda is doomed to failure.

Or some Atheists like myself stick to conservative libertarian values, such as if your actions do not hold a victim, no harm no foul.

Same logic can be applied to many things, IE - ending alcohol prohibition, ending gun laws, ending drug prohibition, etc. All of these laws were put forward due to fear mongers to begin with.
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