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I have been with a very-big-city PD in southeast Texas since 1983. We buy our own duty firearms, guided by policy, whoch is normal for this region of the USA.

Police academy, 1983-1984: S&W Model 686. We had to start with a 4" .357 revolver, and S&W was strongly recommended.

First year on street, 1984-1985: S&W Models 686 & 629

1985: HK P7

Late 1985 to about 1989 or 1990: S&W Models 58 & 657. Why back to revolvers? We switched to open-topped retention rigs, from flap rigs, and no such rig existed for the P7.

About 1990-1991: Colt Stainless Combat Commander

1991-1993: SIG P220. The Colt became finicky.

1993-1995: Ruger GP100, with a brief trial of the .40 Browning Hi-Power somewhere in there. I also carried my Colt Stainless Python for a few weeks, while the firearms lab had my GP100 for ballistic testing after a shooting incident.

1995-1997: S&W Models 19 & 66. These are lighter than the GP100 and Python, and therefore more comfortable.

1997-2002: Kimber and Colt 1911 pistols, full-sized 5". I grandfathered these when my PD went to the .40 P229, Beretta Cougar, and S&W 3rd-Generation later in 1997. As before, no pistols were issued, but the selection of approved duty pistols became MUCH smaller.

2002-2004: G22; I set aside the 1911 when my skinny hand, getting skinnier with age, would not always depress the 1911's grip safety far enough to enable firing.

2004-present: SIG P229R DAK. I tried the then-new DAK, and fired it more accurately than Glock. I had hoped to retire with
this one, but snappy .40 recoil, plus the high bore axis of SIGs, may compel me to switch to something with gentler recoil characteristics, as age, plus wear and tear, are affecting my right wrist. My other choices, presently, other than SIG, are
G22, G23, and S&W M&P40.

I had hoped the chief would sign off on a proposed revision last month that would allow us to use the 9mm counterparts to the presently authorized .40 duty pistols, allowing me to switch to 9mm as well as a lower bore axis. I even bought a G17, as it
looked like it would happen. Unfortunately, the only revision did
not include allowing 9mm.

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