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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
WTH is a "camp" gun?
Well a lot depends on where you are camping and how you got there. That is why there are so many good choices that are already listed.

A short barrel shotgun if you are in a motor home, trailer or camper is a good choice. I had a Mossberg 500 18" barrel with rifle sights threaded for screw in chocks. You can handled anything from bunnies to big ass bears and two legged varmints. The down size you need to be able to carry it and all the stuff that goes with it. A back packer may opted out with a shotgun option.

I have several "camp" guns but if I were to have only one it would be a 4" revolver in 44 Magnum. For where most people camp in this country a 357 would be fine.

However I have a S&W Model 60 in 3" that I leave in my kit. A "kit" gun is not the same as a camp gun but close.

The main thing is if you are going camping and will be a long response time for a 911 call - take a gun.

BTW, I have a Marlin Model 9 in 9mm that is often referred to as "Marlin Camp Gun" that I have never taken it camping.
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