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I got to shoot my new G20 for the first time last weekend! Now I can see what everyone is talking about. I don't understand the "FBI...Heavy Recoil" thing. It shoots just like my hot .40's in my G22 Gen4. I even let a kid (~12 y/o) next to me try it for HIS 1st time and he hit a paper plate @ 15 yds! We were both sych'd!
I shot some my 'hot' .40's (180g @1100 fps) from it in the stock bbl and there was only a minor decrease in felt recoil/target re-acq from the factory PMC 200gr loads in 10mm. Both shot where I aimed @ 15 yds though I had more 'fliers' with the .40's which I expect was d/t the short COAL in the 10mm chamber. Some folks mentioned they load .40 brass to 10mm (OAL+charge). I may increase the OAL to minimize the jump into the leades. Then maybe I'll work up a charge. But the point is the factory bbl worked fine for both loads...functionally and how I'd expect. I love it! Gonna hold off on the AM bbl for now. I have a 22# SS RSA on order, although the stock RSA functioned fine. I want something to keep my slide closed a bit longer and keep my brass closer. Also, I'm a lefty so a new extended slide stop is on order. VERY PLEASED with this gun!
Thanks a ton for everyone's input and other threads.

The 10mm PMC ammo is not a very hot load. Order some real 10mm loads from Underwood to get a feel for what your new G20 is capable of. There is a difference you can feel but by no means is it uncontrollable. I was very pleased with mine and am anxious to try 40 loads as they are much more available at far less cost.

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