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Originally Posted by WeeWilly View Post
Great news.

I load 180gr jacketed to 10mm lengths using 40 brass for my G20's and G29. I use 10.5grs of Blue Dot loaded to 1.255" as a reasonably inexpensive plinking round.

You will want to get in the chamber with a brush and some CLP to clean it well after a session of shooting the 40 brass, kind of like when you shoot 38spl brass in a 357, a little fouling in the chamber.
That's EXACTLY the application I want to do in the stock 10mm bbl. ; shoot .40's in my 10mm like 38spl in a .357mag. I have a TON of 40 brass. So shooting the 10's will be a 'treat' and the .40's will be for practice of fundamentals, etc. The .40 feels nice in the FS G20 with that big slide. I imagine a 22# RSA will smooth it out even moreso. Even if the only benefit is that my brass doesn't eject as far, I'll be happy. Honestly, I hate wasting time chasing down my brass when I shoot. It's all good, though. :-)
Another obsession I have is a clean and appropriately lubed weapon. So I clean my chamber and bore after every shoot...20 or 2000 rnds, doesn't matter. So a little extra time in the chamber... no prob. ;-)
A little OT but I've always avoided lube (CLP) in any chamber, though. Doesn't that increase the risk of 'backslapping' the case against the breechface? Increases slide/bolt stress? Thanks for the load tip for the .40 in 10mm. Do you use SP mag primers or std in your .40 brass?
Again, thanks for sharing!
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