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Originally Posted by C-Dog View Post
Once again, you could kill someone with a firearm... or you could use a single, well placed punch or kick. Heck you could even choke them out with two fingers!

The point was not that a 9mm can accomplish something that no others could! It was simply showing what happens when you shoot a cinder block!!!

I never thought a forum filled with people with the same passion would bring such negativity...

wow people!

Mr. "countrygun"

Your simply a rude *** d!ck...
People not patting me on the back is one thing...
Attacking someone for having fun is another...
Have fun living your cynical life...

I feel I must tender some form of "apology" if I hurt your feelings, but really, it is rather unbecomming to resort to name calling. Sorry if I don't find that video a "gee whiz" thing.
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