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In one day I purchased both a Wilson CQB pistol and Wilson UT15 Rifle, spent nearly $4k in that one day. A short time later I was in there and purchased a set of grips that said they were for a J frame S&W from their clearance bin, $20. Got home to discover that they would not fit a J frame or any frame Smith & Wesson. No biggie, was planning a trip there for another rifle purchase in a week or so.

I return to the shop, get a Knight's Armament SR15 off the wall and am filling out the paperwork. I mention the grips to the sales guy and he tells me just short of "tough $#1T, they were a clearance item and no returns." I reminded him that I just spent nearly $4k a couple of weeks earlier and am spending upward of $1600 right now. He remained firm that I could not return these $20 grips. I asked for a manager and was told he was too busy.

I ripped up the 4473 I was filing out and told him that Vito at Only the Best would get this sale instead. I made two telephone calls and left messages for the manager to call me back.....he never did.

I have not returned to the store and will voice my experience to anyone who asks, even to some who don't.
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