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I turned 45 this summer, got my ccw in March of this year. I had gastric bypass surgery, it was a year ago this past March. I'm just under 6 foot and for about the last 10yrs weighed in at 270 or so. I have always been able to take care of myself, strong as an ox and sometimes as dumb. My job involves visiting various auto shops around the state and reviewing claims, diagnosis of claims etc and sometimes I'm not a welcome site. I had that surgery to eliminate diabetes, yes, look it up, it does cure diabetes but I now weigh in at 195 and went from a max of just under 400lbs bench to about 240. I no longer have that superman nobody will mess with me attitude that has gotten me through my entire life. I'm not a fighter, yes, I certainly don't let people walk over me but have always stood my ground, felt confident etc. Carrying just gives me security in knowing if I get in a really bad situation due to my job or some of the questionable areas I end up in due to my job that I feel much safer.
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