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1984-1986, S & W Model 19, Personal owned Dept approved
1986-1987, S & W Model 686, Personal owned Dept approved
1987-1989, Beretta 92F, Personal owned Dept approved
1989-2000, Glock 19 & 26, Dept issue (26 personal owned)
2000-2001, Glock 22 & 27, Personal owned Dept approved
2001-2003, Glock 30, Personal owned Dept approved
2003-2012, (July) Glock 23 & 27, Dept issue (27 personal owned)
Current as of July, M & P 45 and Kahr PM45, Dept issue (Kahr pers owned)

Carried .38+P '84 to '87. As with many agencies in the mid to late 80's we were allowed to switch to authorized semi-autos in 9mm. '89-2000 Dept issued Glock 9's.

Switched Agencies in 2000 and 2003. Those agencies did not issue duty weapons...only duty and practice ammo!

Agency I went to in 2003 allowed other weapons but made deputies purchase their own ammo if they didn't carry dept issued handgun (even if authorized weapon was the same caliber)!

Plan on carrying a Colt Combat Elite my last year or two on the job!
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