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G29, great choice.

Originally Posted by linuxfreak003 View Post
I'm pretty new to reloading. I'm reloading for a 10mm G29. I'm using 155gr berry's round nose bullets and cci 300 primers. The only thing is the powder I have is hodgdon clays. I haven't really found any data for how much to use in a 10mm. I'm wanting a safe load I can use just for plinking, that won't drop the shells on my hand. I heard to just take the maximum load for a .40 S&W and use that as the starting load (which I did find some data for the .40S&W)

Also wonder if anyone has a good recipe for some lighter loads for plinking and stuff.
You are on the right track loading Berry's in the 40S&W range. As mentioned above, Berry's has a speed limit and it is way below a 155gr bullet's potential in 10mm.

I favor 180gr jacketed bullets for my 10mm loads and buy Blue Dot and AA#9 in bulk for this application.

For lighter bullets like 155gr and 165gr, when you are ready for true 10mm velocities there are a lot of really good powder options.

I would recommend the 10mm reloading forum in the Gun Club section of GT, full of great advice, frequented by guys that love and really know the caliber.
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