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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
The more I play around with powders, the more I like Blue Dot as a mainstay. Its cheap, plentiful, accurate and gets good numbers, even if it is a bit flashy and boomy (I'm not using handloads for CCW anyhow). There is also TONS of BD data around as its been around a long time. True, it doesn't meter like Accurate, Power Pistol or even Longshot but it does well enough considering that, even though it doesn't meter as well as some, it CONSISTENTLY produces the most accurate loads over a WIDE spectrum in 10mm from light to heavy, cast and jacketed.

I think BD is simply "just right" for 10mm in burn speed and particle density.... although you can get more MAX velocity out of various other powders under many cases

That is pretty much where I am. I keep trying to leave Blue Dot for other powders that meter better, have less, flash and boom, etc. I keep coming back to it because, like you said, it meters ok. But even with some high/low spreads on velocities with thrown charges, it still is the all-time groups champ out of my G20. It is also about the least expensive of the high-performing 10mm powders. I have used more BD than any powder by a long ways.

There is no reason why a guy couldn't live entirely on a diet of Blue Dot for 10mm auto and have the entire spectum covered (except mouse fart stuff).
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