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Originally Posted by linuxfreak003 View Post
Thank you for the response. When I said the manual I had was the 'internet' I guess I didn't mention I meant the manufacturer's sites. From everyone's responses I think I'll be investing in some new power sometime soon.
Thanks for the help everyone.
Recommened powders for 155 10mm include WW231/HP38 (same powder, different can) HS-6, Universal, Unique, AA-7, and WSF.

If you're looking for less than maximum plinking loads, 231/HP38 and WSF are useful choices and also very good for plinking loads in 9mm, .40 S&W and 45 ACP. WW231/HP38 also works well for .38 Spl. I've used HS-6 in my G29 for plinking loads with good results in the past, although I don't remember the charge weight off the top of my head.

Clays is NOT a good choice for what you want to do, although all my 38 & 45 match loads use Clays, so I'm hardly biased against it... just not for 10mm.

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