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Blue Dot is certainly slow enough but the fact that it has a factory warning, even though the warning has NOTHING TO DO with 10mm, bothers me. See the Blue Dot sticky at the top of this forum. There are too many other choices to bother with this powder. However, it remains a popular powder so my opinion is irrelevant.

You need a burn rate chart:

You also need a loading manual (Speer #14 is good). Internet loads are always questionable and sometimes dangerous. Go for data that has been tested (and approved by lawyers).

Try the Hodgdon site for load data (select Cartridge Loads then select Pistol loads, select Caliber and then click Get Data). You can further refine the data by selecting a powder manufacturer, bullet weight or powder type and then clicking Get Data again.

Whatever powder you select, keep it down around WSF in burn rate and, in particular, stay away from fast powders like Titegroup even if they do show up in the results.

Begin with the Starting Load and work up a little at a time (0.1 gr) by loading 5 of each charge weight. Personally, I stay away from max loads. For target work, a load only has to be hot enough to reliably cycle the gun.

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