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In 10mm, I have used Accurate 5, 7 & 9; Alliant Blue Dot; Hodgdon Longshot, and IMR "Hi-Skor" 800-X.

Accurate no. 9 best fits the description of lowest pressure and highest velocities as far as I can tell. Like WeeWilly mentioned, we don't have pressure testing equipment. What I do know is if you stick reasonably close to manufacturer data, you are going to get the best velocities for 165 gr + bullets with Accurate no. 9. Blue Dot is close behind. I can get a 200 grain XTP to 1200 fps in my 4.6" Glock barrel at 2 tenths less than book maxes with A9. Book data velocities for a 155 gr XTP @ 1425 is pretty sweet too.

Longshot is a good powder as well, but one must venture a good ways beyond book data to get velocities up to #9 performance. A lot of folks do, and they have good results. I have not pushed Longshot that far. 800-X and Longshot are closely matched. 800-X does not meter, so I find no reason to chose it over Longshot.

#9 groups very well with warm to hot charges too. It also meters superbly. The downside, as has been mentioned, is that each charge consumes much more powder relative to other 10mm powders. However, I have found it to be less expensive than Longshot or Vihta powders.
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