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My short answer is: BD and AA#9 for XTP's, to my Blue Dot 200gr HC loads in G20, and the stock barrel has seen 99.9% of all my use, and 'never one problem', and never had a smile in a Glock with OEM barrel... Ever. Very hot loads or not. I also find the OEM barrel extremely accurate at long range, for being a 'close up combat gun', and we shoot at play time out here on the ranch, at some really long distances.

Those G20 OEM barrels are good enough with hard cast or XTP's, for clean 100yd deer shots ! Can't get any sweeter than that. The AM barrels are fine for a tad more brass life, but I am not yet sold on them from my experiences with them. The OEM barrels have for the 14/15 years I been shooting Glocks, never gave issue with Hard Cast Bullets up to 200grs in 10mm, and as i said, very accurate at 'long range' with this set up. I only use Beartooth and Hunters Supply, for my HC bullet needs..

So, for me, Powder wise, BD and AA#9.

Hey, good shooting and have fun with your 10mm !

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