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Originally Posted by 21Glock View Post
...I'm sort of leaning toward AA#9 or Longshot as well. I've heard some good things about the VitaV powders, but boy are they expensive!!
The price you posted for local Longshot powder sounds pretty good.

I went into a local gunshop the other day and bought 3 - 1lb contains of powder (not VV's) and a brick of 209 primers. $161 + tax!

I love to support local guys and do feel for them with regard to the competitive disadvantage they have over the online guys, the nutty regulations they have to put up with, etc. , but holy cow! I think if I had to buy all my stuff local, I would likely stop reloading, just couldn't make it work fiscally speaking.

VV powders are some of the best I have tried in every application, but like buying local, it is just too much money. A normal Powder Valley invoice when I am buying Alliant, AA powders is normally $400, if I am going with VV it is $700. Ouch!

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