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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
If you add cost to the decision vs. presure vs. velocity, I think it would be Blue Dot or Power Pistol. With the AA#9 you use so much more powder to get results with AA#7 doing a little more work with a little less for some bullet weights.

Blue Dot has worked very well across a broad spectrum of cartridges and bullet weights and shotgun shells. It remains my mainstay.

Recent purchases of LongShot and IMR 800X have tipped the scales at $30 + per pound.

800X has been a good performer actually better than LongShot with heavier bullets and LongShot performs better than 800X with the lighter bullets from what I can tell.

I like LongShot in the 9x25Dillon cartridges but will start workups with 800X to compare.
The Reloaders Bench in Mt. Juilie, TN. has 1lb. of Longshot for about $20. I'll probably pick up some at the next gun show here in ATL area when they are there.
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