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Best 10mm powder, lowest pressure with highest velocity?

I've been reloading a long time for other handgun and rifle calibers, but have just started reloading for my Gen 4 20 10mm.
My recent loads were using AA # 7. I know it has a history of flattening primers, as it did with some of my loads.
I know some folks like AA# 9 and some like Longshot, Blue Dot, Power Pistol, etc.

I'm looking for the best overall powder for the 10mm with the lowest operating pressures with the highest possible velocities. There will be some trade offs, just wanting to reach a happy median.
Looking to get other opinions before I get my next batch of reloading supplies at the next gun show in a few weeks.

I'll be using bullet weights from 165gr. to 200gr. cast and jacketed.

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