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Lets see.

First was smith 15/19 about a year.
686 about a year. 45 auto for od.
smith 19/ to g17 to Glock 22.
Beretta 92
Smith 9mm family(all of them)
Smith 45 short time. Sig 220 several years
Glock 21 Several years
Glock 19 and Glock 30 Several years.

Mix of private purchase and issue.

I settled on Glocks, got out a few years and went back with a glock in hand. I did about 35 1911s in the course of things. I have settled on Glocks for a variety of reasons

I find the resprung 19 and the 30 extroidinarily accurate.

If i was doing road patrol again Id try to get a 34/35 approved. i started during the drug wars so did the extra mags and rifle in the trunk early on.

Worst trouble was getting supervisor approval before Glock. After Glock it was caliber issues till the girls got in. After that whatever .

Nothing beats a good semi for belt guns. I find the 9mm equal to the 38/light 357 loads. I have come to understand an accurate first shot is paramount.
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