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Originally Posted by TheGlockTalker View Post
Hi, still new to this forum.

I got a new Glock 21 Gen 4 a couple of days ago and wanted to ask if you could help me.

It's a great gun and I love shooting it but it spits brass all over me. Hot brass raining over you gets tiring after a while.

Is this just because the gun is still new, shot 300 rounds today, or is there something wrong with it?
The date on the spent casing is Apr 2012.

Thanks for your input.
Do you clean your gun, specifically the breech face and extractor? Do you lube properly? What is your grip and stance? Can you post a video? What ammo are you using?

Really, folks - why everytime someone posts a ejection thread do we just assume it's not a simple problem? You have to rule out the basics first.

It's like calling your mechanic and saying, "Hey, my car isn't running right - what's wrong with it?"

Mechanic: "I don't know. Can you bring it in so I can verify it and diagnose the problem?"

You: "No, I will not bring it in. Just take my word for it and assume it is no fault of my own. Please use your psychic powers to diagnose my problem."

And I find it curious that most of these ejection threads are from new or newish users. How many can be attributed to agents from competing gun companies? And if you think this doesn't occur, you are extremely naive.

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